Hi, I’m Jenny!

I am not a full time traveler! But man, a girl can dream.

I am a teacher, lover of nature adventures (tame ones), and coffee enthusiast. I am a huge foodie if you consider a foodie someone who has an unwavering appreciation for cheese, bread and pizza. Oh and sushi! Don’t worry I do love all food and will try anything once. 

And, I love researching trips…for an unhealthy amount of time. (Some might think that, not me clearly! That’s why we have coffee.)

BUT, I found myself constantly comparing  my experiences to the professional photography, stunning selfies and long winded idealistic narratives of travel experiences. (Always about sunsets!)  Or getting frustrated that I didn’t fit a travel category that would have made my research easier. I am not a great hiker, nor strictly budget/midrange/high end, not a fan of nightlife, don’t really get travel hacking and don’t hunt for the best Instagram spot. I am just an everyday traveler who wants to learn and see something new with a great cup of coffee in my hand,

I didn’t feel that a woman like me, who is very much a pragmatist when it comes to travel was represented in many travel blogs. This is why I started Pragmatic Travelers to help adventurers, like me, who want practical, quick and straight up  recommendations. A place to share my experiences and research in a format built for other pragmatic travelers. 

My goal is to provide practical recommendations from my experiences to make your travel planning a bit easier. I will only ever recommend what I have actually done. And all photography has been taken with my cell phone.


​So welcome! I are happy to have you here. I hope my  suggestions can make your travels and research  easier.