Practical Travel Advice for a Magical Trip

I am a Disney Adult. There, I said it. I love spending time in the Disney Parks and Disney Resorts. It is my happy place. I have spent years going on my own and bringing students on week long field trips there.

I have an incredible amount of experience planning/going on trips to Walt Disney World. So you know that every piece I write on Walt Disney World will be based on honest experience. It will follow the same format as all of my other posts. Honest, quick, practical and based only on actual experience. (All travel information, guides and recommendations are unofficial and not affiliated with Walt Disney World.)

Disney is magical but fantastically large and overwhelming. You will need to be practical and do some research in order to have a semi-relaxing whimsical trip. And quite honestly part of the magic of a Disney trip is the planning. Getting to see and learn about all the wonderful things your family will do, is half the fun!

So grab a cup of coffee and use my Disney Experience to help your planning. My goal as always is to provide honest, practical and quick advice but my secondary goal is to make sure you love and enjoy Disney as much as I do.

Get to know me-Disney Edition.

Favorite Disney Park: Well this changes by the day but currently it is a tie between Hollywood Studios and Animal Kindgom.

Favorite Disney Ride: Spaceship Earth

Favorite Disney Movie: Ratatouille

Favorite Disney Snack: Ronto Wrap

Favorite Disney Thing to Do: Walk around the parks with a coffee.

“Home” Resort: Swan and Dolphin/Riviera Resort

While I am a Disney Adult, I am not like many Disney Influencers. I don’t own Mickey ears and I am not a Disney fashionista. I don’t buy much merchandise as I end up spending more on food. I also don’t spend long grueling days in the park. Disney is my happy place but not my only place. I prioritize travel to new places and go to Disney when I can.

So you can be a Disney adult and love it differently from the influencers. There is no wrong way to love Disney.

So if you a Disney Adult, new to Disney, an average fan or whatever, you are so welcomed here. I am happy to have you and hope I can help your travels!

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