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Is November a Good Time to Visit Burgundy, France?

Is November a good time to visit Burgundy, France?

Is November a good time to visit Burgundy, France? This is something that I am asked quite often after spending this past November in Burgundy, France. For me, it is a resounding yes! I loved my time in Burgundy but there are some definite drawbacks to visiting in November. Below we will dive into the pros and cons of visiting in November. So keep reading to figure out if November is a good time to visit Burgundy, France.

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Is November a good time to visit Burgundy, France?
An empty Hospices de Beaune in November.

Pros of Visiting Burgundy in November

  • Being the only American tourist. I rarely heard an American accent as I was walking around places like Dijon and Beaune. It felt very much like being with the locals. It was such a lovely experience being in a major touristy country but not hearing people who sound like me.
  • There are no crowds. I mean we didn’t have to wait for anything at all. There were no crowds midday at major tourist attractions like Hospices de Beaune. I had one particularly magical experience at Abbaye de Fontenay. It was raining a bit and later in the afternoon when I arrived. We were the only visitors. It was truly a special experience to walk around Fontenay Abbey without a single other person. I really can’t describe how magical it was. It has become one of my favorite travel memories.
    • Traveling somewhere with limited crowds is and always will be a major selling point for me. I will deal with any con to have small crowds in popular places like France.
  • Easy parking. There are so many cute small towns and villages to explore and we had no issues finding parking since there was barely anyone traveling around.
  • Very affordable hotels/Airbnb. I was shocked at how affordable my lodgings were. In Beaune, I stayed across the street from Hospices de Beaune in a beautiful Airbnb for under $300 for 3 nights. It was extremely easy to find affordable/beautiful lodging in the major tourist sites of Burgundy.
    • Please note that I haven’t traveled to Burgundy in the summer, so I have no idea if the prices are the same during a busy tourist season.
  • No issues booking up last-minute wine tastings or visiting wine bars. Since it was slow, it was easy to find places to sample the great Burgundy wine. Plus, people had more time to answer questions and provide information.
  • Easy to find great restaurants/reservations. We had no problem finding amazing spots to eat. We ate at some seriously great restaurants and didn’t have to worry about finding reservations.
  • This is more just a general pro, not seasonal specific-the food is bloody amazing. Seriously some of the best food I have eaten in France.
  • Burgundy is stunning. Yes, even in dreary November this area is truly beautiful.
Is November a good time to visit Burgundy, France?
An empty Fontenay Abbey in November.

Cons of Visiting Burgundy in November

  • The weather. The weather was pretty terrible when we went which is the norm for that area in November. It was gray, chilly, and rainy nearly every day. Having a day of sunshine was a treat. You have to bring rainy weather gear when you go.
  • Couldn’t enjoy the outdoors. Since the weather was crap, we couldn’t enjoy the many wonderful outdoor attractions in Burgundy. Such as walking along the canals or biking through vineyards. This was a bit of a disappointment since the area is just so beautiful. I would happily visit this area again when it is sunnier to experience all the beauty Burgundy has to offer.
  • Slow season so less open. In some of the smaller towns, places were closed for the season. This isn’t a big deal for me but if you want those small towns to be buzzing this might not be the season for you.
    • Since I knew this going in, I made sure to stay in larger towns and cities so there is more to do!
Is November a good time to visit Burgundy, France?
Quiet Avallon.

Soo, should I visit Burgundy in November?

Yes! I 100% believe you should visit Burgundy in November and that it is a great time to visit. I will take miserable weather to have fewer crowds any day of the week! It felt like a local experience and the area is unbelievably charming and beautiful. However, if you struggle with cold wet weather this is not the time to visit. We barely saw the sun during our time there. So while I think visiting Burgundy, France in November is great, the weather could be an issue. So make sure to do your research before you commit to anything.

Your thoughts….

This post is all about if November is a good time to visit Burgundy, France. What are your thoughts on visiting Burgundy? When did you visit? What are you excited about doing?

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